Tidymodels Recipe Tutorial Videos (2)

I ran through the Tidymodels recipe tutorial and thought it would be very helpful to create some videos that talked through it so that people could access information about the tutorial without having to run through it completely. I highly suggest watching them at 1.5x speed, I talk quite slowly lol!

Tidymodels Recipe Tutorial

The first video I made is an introduction to the tutorial, recipes, and lists the topics I will be covering in the the following videos (1:47).

The second video goes over the data manipulation performed in the tutorial before the recipe could be written. This was very helpful for me (an R beginner), and may be unnecessary for well-seasoned R coders (7:31).

The third video shows how to write the recipe itself (6:30).

The fourth video shows how to merge the model and the recipe together (6:06).

I have not yet gotten around to making the 5th and final video which will show how to run the model without the recipe in order to test how the recipe influenced the accuracy of our model, but I will add that when I record it. (I am actually having trouble running this code but I will link a github repository with my code - please let me know if you think Iā€™m on the right path with it/if you figured out a different way to do this)

I hope these are helpful, thanks for watching!

Written on January 8, 2022