Tidymodels "Build a Model" Tutorial Videos (1)

Hi everyone, welcome to Tidymodels tutorial 1 - this was the shortest and simplest tutorial, so the videos reflect that. The later tutorials are more in-depth and interesting :). In these videos, I pretty much just walk through the first tutorial since there is not a lot of interpretation or explanation to be done. If you are familiar with creating a logistic regression model in R, feel free to skip to the second tutorial which introduces writing a recipe in order to preprocess your data for a model.

Tidymodels Tutorial 1

Part 1 - Introducing the sea urchin dataset, creating a linear regression model using the engine lm, and predicting values with our model.

Part 2 - Running the linear regression model with a different engine (stan), in order to perform a Bayesian analysis.

Written on January 7, 2022