Tidymodels Hyperparameters Tutorial Videos (4)

Welcome to tutorial 4! This tutorial deals with hyperparameters, I included some links below to help define them better. Let me know if you have any questions :)

Tidymodels Hyperparameter Tutorial

Part 1 - Introducing the idea of a hyperparameter, and providing a description.

Part 2 - Exploring two specific hyperparameters, splitting the data, and creating the decision tree model.

Part 3 - Tuning the model with the grid of hyperparameters we created, creating a workflow, and determining the best values for the two hyperparameters tuned in this tutorial.

Part 4 - Trying to tune a third hyperparameter (min_n), and seeing if this has any effect on the accuracy of our model.

Parameter vs. Hyperparameter

Hyperparameter Wikipedia

Written on January 10, 2022